23 Aug 2018

A Toast to Whiskey Sour Day

Celebrate in style this Whiskey Sour Day with our whiskey sour recipe! Combining the perfect amount of whiskey, citrus and sweetness, whiskey sours are great any time of year.

Taking inspiration from our Guide for the Modern Gentleman and our own recipe books, we have also listed below some additional whiskey cocktails for you to try out.


The Humble Whiskey Sour

Equipment required: cocktail shaker - jigger - hand squeezer - rocks glass

Measures: 50ml bourbon whiskey - 25ml fresh lemon juice - 12.5ml sugar syrup - one egg white (optional, and called a 'Boston Sour' in bartender speak)

Method: Add the egg white to the shaker and shake hard for five seconds to aerate it - add the sugar syrup, lemon juice and bourbon - half fill the shaker with ice - seal and shake until the tin begins to frost - strain into a rocks glass over ice - garnish with a slice of lemon and orange


Sweet Manhattan

Smooth and mellow, this is the perfect drink to serve your guests before or after dinner. Try to practise making this drink before the night itself as it involves stirring the drink down over ice which takes some skill and will save your blushes.

Equipment required: mixing glass - bar spoon - jigger - coupe glass

Measures: 40ml rye whiskey - 20ml sweet vermouth - spoon of maraschino syrup - dash of Angostura bitters

Method: half fill the mixing glass with ice cubes - add the ingredients - stir until chilled - strain into chilled glass - twist orange peel over drink and discard - garnish with maraschino cherries


The Boulevardier

Do you love both negronis and whiskey? Then you must try a boulevardier. Created by Harry McElhone at his New York Bar in Paris in the 1920's, this is a simple twist on the negroni.

Equipment required: coupe glass and a jigger

Measures: 25ml bourbon whiskey - 25ml sweet vermouth - 25ml Campari

Method: add ice cubes to half fill a rocks glass - add the ingredients one by one - gently stir - garnish with orange peel


Whissin Old Fashioned

For your guests who are teetotal, pregnant, or who just haven't discovered the delights of whisky yet, below is a non-alcoholic version of the original cocktail.

Popular non-alcoholic mixers include: Bittermilk, Whissin, Seedlip, and Wild. Mixologists recommend playing around with the combination of the different flavours and textures of these mixers to create your ideal weight and flavour profile.

Equipment required: cocktail shaker and a strainer

Measures: 5ml whissin - 5ml Seedlip Garden - 5ml black tea syrup

Method: add all ingredients into a mixing glass with ice cubes - stir to combine - strain into a rocks glass and garnish with an orange peel twist which can be snapped over the drink to release the oils

Read how to create the black tea syrup here

Here's to Whiskey Sour Day, cheers!


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