29 Nov 2018

What Men Really Want (For Wedding Gifts)

Think wedding lists are women's domains? Think again if you want a say in your bar set or barbecue. We know what men really want. And with Debrett's wedding list partner, The Wedding Shop, being nominated recently for Best Gift List in the British Wedding Awards 2019, there's no better time to register for your gift list with Debrett's and The Wedding Shop.

So, forget about toasters, dishes and silver service cutlery, we've selected the wedding gifts men really want.

Sit back in your favourite armchair, take a sip of whisky and close your eyes. Momentarily, you are Don Draper. Or, at least, drinking from this classic, sleek Dartington Crystal whisky glass you can pretend to be.

Dartington Crystal, Classic Single Whisky Glass £25 (Product 91713)

Wow your guests with both your culinary skills and also your French pronunciation with this essential and striking Le Creuset casserole dish. (It's pronounced 'Luh Creugh Say'!)

Le Creuset cast iron casserole dish 1.8 litre £149 (Product 6572)

Men love gadgets. Fact! And what's better than a wifi-enabled sous vide machine you can control from your phone? Want to make a delicious and tender ribeye steak with minimal effort? No problem!

Witt Smart Sous Vide Machine £299 (Product 312679)


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