21 Feb 2019

The Ultimate eBay Feedback

Finally a positive eBay feedback story. Matt Shoukry in Missouri got a lot more for the old VHS player he sold on eBay than he expected. And we’re not talking about money.

The buyer of the VHS player was an 86-year-old man from Phoenix, Arizona, who decided to pick up a pen and write a handwritten note to Mr Shoukry thanking him for the joy it had brought him. In the letter, the octogenarian detailed how he had watched tapes from his 'retirement party from 25 years ago that I have never seen', as well as watching the 'gentle maturing of my family’.

The letter, which was uploaded to Twitter, has received over 300,000 likes and lots of responses from people wanting to share their own stories about small acts of kindness.

This example goes to show that it doesn't matter the number of 'likes' you get online, or even securing a '100% eBay feedback rating' on eBay, sometimes all it takes is one kind letter to touch the heart and warm the soul.

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Read the BBC News article.


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