7 Mar 2019

Three Ways to Stand Out at Work

Ahead of International Women's Day and taking inspiration from our upcoming Impact for Women day course, here’s a teaser of three of the topics covered that can help you on how to stand out at work.

1. Create Confidence Affirmations

Think of an area in which you would like to improve on, or a quality you wish to possess more of. Create an affirmation around it.

Affirmations are: written in the present tense, certain and are what confident people already believe. Repeat these affirmations a couple of times a day until they are habitual. Don’t have too many at one time and don’t change them too often.

One example of a confidence affirmation is: ‘I will stand by my decisions’.

2. Don’t Apologise for Disagreeing

In 2010, psychologists Karina Schumann and Michael Ross published a study that showed that women apologised more than men and had a lower threshold of what warrants an apology.

What was significant is what women apologised for. Notably, it was for the tendency to apologise for disagreeing. Rather than saying, for example, ‘I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to disagree with you there.’ A more powerful statement is to say: ‘I disagree.’ No one should have to apologise in a democratic culture.

3. Own Your Next Networking Event

- Set goals. What do you want to get out of the event? Sales leads? New contacts?

- Make your approach. Initiate contact and advance towards people with your hand outstretched. It’s best to approach groups of three or more people and avoid interrupting two people who are deep in conversation.

- Ask simple questions and don’t be afraid to start off with small talk. ‘What company do you work for?’, ‘What did you think of the presentation?’ - should get the ball rolling.

- Don’t be afraid to end the conversation and move on when the time is right - it’s expected at networking events.

If you want to delve deeper and find out more about how you can improve your communication skills and impact in the office, sign up to our Impact for Women course.

P.S. Save over £50 if you book before 23:59 on Thursday, 14th March.


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