17 Jan 2019

Should I Tip My Takeaway Driver?

Should I tip my takeaway driver? Because things don’t always go to plan when ordering food from the many delivery apps available, here are our top tips to help you overcome the potential delivery dilemmas you could experience below and some advice on tipping.

My food spilled everywhere in transit. Help!

Some dishes travel better than others. However, there are times when the restaurant hasn’t packaged the food properly or the food has been damaged in transit. If you are disappointed with your delivery, the first thing you should do is check the takeaway app’s terms and conditions for who to contact as many state that it is the restaurant’s responsibly to securely package your food. Bear in mind too that you’ll have to wait again to receive your new food order, although hopefully this time it will come in one piece!

Should I tip my takeaway driver?

With payment having been taken through the app, you’re not required to hand over any cash to the driver upon receiving your food. However, because a tip is discretionary, feel free to tip if you feel that the rider has gone above and beyond to get your food to you in record time and in perfect condition.

Don’t abuse the delivery instructions section

It’s pretty standard to ask for an extra couple of sauces when ordering. Some people, however, always feel the need to ask for appetisers or extras on the house for no good reason. If you realise you’d like to add to your order, then it’s up to you to add items at an additional cost. Of course, only the brave attempt having their food delivered to them while they’re on a train, as evident in this YouTube video.

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Bon appétit.


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