10 Jan 2019

Seven Ways to Keep Motivated

What's your main focus for 2019? Did you pledge to get in shape? Promise yourself that you'd land your dream job? Or, maybe you said you'd be kinder to yourself this year? Read on to discover seven ways to keep motivated.

Whatever your aims, here are our seven top tips for keeping motivated in 2019. And for those that want more savoir-faire on sartorial matters, the low-down on the confidence hacks that really work and a whisky 101 tutorial that will teach you to how to shake and savour cocktails for your guests when entertaining, our Modern Gentleman evening course is on the 24th January in central London (6.30 - 9pm).

1. Set goals -  whether it's simply to get fit, secure that promotion at work or something more specific like running a marathon.

2. Write down your reasons for attaining your goals. One study has shown that writing, instead of typing, helps understanding and processing the words on the page.

3. Realise that you won't always leave the gym, track or yoga shala feeling positive. We all have 'off days'. The secret is perseverance.

4. Ensure to set short, medium and long-term goals so that, as you achieve something, you have another to focus on.

5. Make sure your goals are realistic. Don't pile too much pressure on yourself!

6. Tell your family and friends what you're hoping to achieve. Your network will help and support you throughout.

7. Envisage how you'll deal with the times when you can't see the woods for the trees. Looking back at your written goals is a good way to get some of that motivation back!

Good luck with your self-improvement in 2019 and with the above ways to keep motivated. We always love to hear from our readers, so if you have any inspirational tips to share on motivation or what you're working towards, then drop us a line: enquiries@debretts.co.uk


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