4 Aug 2016

Gin-spiring Public Transport Etiquette

We were delighted to be asked by gin makers Hendrick's to oversee passenger etiquette on board the good bus HERBERT (Hendrick’s Extraordinary Roving Bus of Exceptionally Refined Travel). Watch the video below for our advice on making your journey to work that little bit more pleasant:


1. Fast Food Fasting

Crowded transport can make even the sturdiest of us feel delicate at times, so try not to compound the problem by tucking into a smelly snack. Not everyone will share your enthusiasm for a double bacon burger with chips.

2. PDA Prevention

Even making eye contact is considered forward on public transport, and full-on displays of affection can make others uncomfortable. If you’re travelling with a loved one, keep the canoodling for somewhere more private.

3. Beware Bulky Bags

Lugging large bags onto an already crowded carriage won’t make you popular with other commuters. Remove backpacks to free up space, and don’t monopolise an adjacent seat with your handbag or jacket – and especially not your feet.

4. Spoiler Alert

Avoid loud phone conversations on a quiet bus or train: others may not appreciate overhearing the intimate details of your recent night out, or worse, a Game of Thrones plot spoiler.

5. Me, My Selfie and I

You haven’t really travelled by Tube unless you’ve got a selfie to prove it, but try not to turn innocent bystanders into unwitting photo bombers by capturing them in the background.

6. Don’t be a Space Invader

Personal space is at a premium on public transport. Refrain from (wo)man-spreading by keeping your legs together, and keep your elbows tucked in when reading a newspaper.

7. If in Doubt, Stand

You may be reluctant to offer up your seat to someone who looks pregnant, elderly or infirm in case they prove to be none of those things. If you notice a walking stick or Baby on Board badge, or anyone resembling your grandmother, make eye contact and move to free up your seat in case they want to use it.

8. For Your Ears Only

Whether it’s Bieber, Beyoncé or Bon Jovi, don’t assume others will share your taste in music. Wear headphones and keep the volume to below leaking level, and be wary of inadvertent humming.

9. Don’t Door Dive

There’s nothing quite so tempting as diving between closing doors as the warning beeps sound, but it’s better to wait for the next train than to crush yourself into the fray. You’ll also avoid the humiliation of getting trapped in the doors – and the disapproving glares from other passengers.

10. Grooming Guidelines

A quick touch-up of mascara or lipstick is acceptable, but refrain from full-on facial transformation. Some forms of grooming should remain firmly in the confines of your own home, including tweezing, squeezing and, for men, shaving or nose-hair trimming.


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