21 Mar 2019

The 7 Steps to Being the Perfect Host

Are you hosting at home this Mothering Sunday or Easter? Do you see it as a chance to prove you're the perfect host? Or does it leave you with a feeling of dread?

Fret not, because we've taken inspiration from our Guide to Entertaining Etiquette and put together a 7-step strategy for you to pull off the perfect dinner party.

  1. Don't become a victim of vaunting ambition. Assess your culinary skills, budget and venue before tailoring your social occasion to fit your capabilities.
  2. Make the nature of the event absolutely clear to your guests. They will feel understandably annoyed if they turn up to a formal dinner in jeans and trainers.
  3. Ensure to ask guests if they have any allergies when sending out invitations and ensure that you have this in mind when buying ingredients & preparing food.
  4. Remember that your primary role is to be the host. Attend to your guests at all times and don't allow yourself to be drawn into an intimate tête à tête with someone.
  5. Have a seating plan. Even if it's an informal one in your head, explain to your guests where you'd like them to sit.
  6. Work out your timings. Don't let drinks go on too long and ensure that food is ready when you call everyone to the table.
  7. Deploy subtle hints by asking if anyone would like: cups of coffee, offers of taxi numbers or spare beds, if the evening is going on too long.

Best of luck with your next engagement and bon appétit!


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