15 Nov 2018

The Office Party: Do's & Don'ts

This week is the most popular time for the office party during the festive season. So, before you put on your reindeer antlers, Christmas jumper and sip that first glass of something sparkling, make sure to take a look at our do's and don'ts that will ensure you'll breeze through the celebrations without a single festive faux pas.

Act Smart at The Office Party:

Do: Embrace the dress code. Whether it's a Christmas jumper job or a black tie affair, wearing the appropriate apparel shows respect to your colleagues.

Don't forget: You're under the watchful eye of senior management.

Do: Circulate and socialise. Chat with members of the office you don't normally interact with day-to-day.

Don't get carried away: We guarantee that using your boss' credit card for thirty-something espresso martinis will leave you with more than a hangover the next day.

Do: Ask colleagues about their families, children and holidays.

Don't gossip: Or spread rumours, or confess your sins...

Do: Pace yourself, eat plenty and alternate alcoholic drinks with glasses of water.

Don't linger under the mistletoe: Steer clear of dirty dancing.

Do: Keep goodnight kisses innocent (or better still, avoid entirely). Wake up in a familiar place, e.g. not the hospital or on the pavement.

Don't pull a sickie the day after: It's not cool

So, don your Santa hat, enjoy the free food and drink provided by the company, and keep a cool head.

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