14 Jan 2021

Is Lockdown Making Us Late?

Now we know what you’re thinking; late for what exactly? But in the current lockdown it is more important than ever not to let your standards slip. This applies particularly to punctuality.

With oceans of stay-at-home time ahead of us and normal working patterns suspended for many, it’s easy to conclude timing isn’t really a priority. But failing to be punctual is the height of bad manners because it disregards the value of other people’s time.

Now, more than ever, you should demonstrate that you value other people’s lockdown time by always fulfilling promises and being ready promptly for pre-arranged Zoom chats, FaceTime or simply telephone calls. You will come across as someone who cares about other people and is efficient, organised and reliable. If unforeseen circumstances intervene and you are delayed, send a quick text and apology, which demonstrates that you have not forgotten. Always remember that your promised contact might be a lifeline, or at the very least a major highlight, for someone who is struggling with lockdown blues or loneliness. And you will benefit too, as adhering meticulously to social commitments will give some shape and structure to our increasingly formless days.

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