17 Apr 2019

How to announce a birth

As media anticipation reaches ever more giddy heights, the new baby son or daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is expected to be announced any day now.

The birth of the new seventh in line to the throne is likely to hit the headlines within hours, but for the rest of us, what's the best way to spread the word about a new arrival?

Here are some simple steps when making that eagerly-awaited birth announcement:

1. First phone calls

Tell family and close friends first so that they don't accidentally hear about it from a third party. A phone call will be most reassuring, especially for new grandparents.

2. Sensitive sharing

Once you have shared the news with your immediate circle, you can update wider friendship groups via message chats and on social media. When doing so, consider those who may be trying to conceive or who are unable to have a child. You may wish to let them know individually first, rather than letting them find out via a celebratory post.

3. All the info

To avoid answering the same questions, include some basic information: the baby's weight and the time and date of birth, as well as the name (if you have chosen one).

4. Consider a card

Cards, often featuring a photograph of the baby, may be sent out a couple of weeks after the birth. They can also double-up as thank you cards for any presents sent to the baby.

5. Making it official

It might seem old-fashioned, but a newspaper announcement (traditionally in The Times or the Daily Telegraph) can make a lovely memento for posterity. The traditional wording is as follows:

Debrett - On 20th August to John and Charlotte (née Berkeley), a daughter, Caroline Jane

Unmarried couples or those with different surnames will use both parents' first names and surnames, while single parents may use only one parent's name in the announcement.


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