26 Jul 2018

How to keep your cool during a heatwave

As the mercury continues to rise in the UK, there have been reports of roads melting and, of course, tempers flaring. The heat can make life miserable and some people will undoubtedly lose their cool and take their frustrations out on others. Taking inspiration from our A-Z of Modern Manners, here are three tips on how to keep your cool during this hot weather:

A is for Apologise

Most of us will have, at some point, been on the receiving end of rude behaviour from someone consumed by the heat. Whilst it is tempting to unleash your wrath on the next person who dares to cross your path, take a deep breath and try not to perpetuate the hot-headed, anger-fuelled cycle. Take full-responsibility for your actions. On the other hand, resist the (very English) urge to apologise for other people's actions. If someone barges into you, a muttered 'Sorry' is misplaced.

T is for Train

Cancellations and overcrowding often mean your train carriage resembles a tin of sardines more than your transport home. Be considerate to your fellow passengers by removing your backpack and moving up the carriage to create room for new passengers getting on.

D is for Drunkenness

Alcohol oils the wheels of British social life – from the rarefied glamour of Royal Ascot and the traditional British wedding to the conviviality of a night out at the local pub or socialising after a day at work. But heavy drinking on a hot day is a recipe for dehydration, a massive hangover, or worse: a trip to A&E. Despite a plethora of outdoor festivals, BBQs, weddings and after work summer drinks-dos, when the temperature is rising, temperance is wise.


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