17 Jul 2018

Three Things We Learned From England's World Cup Training

The young England side we watched this year was a very different side compared to previous ones. Below are just three of the confidence hacks used in England's World Cup training, and that we teach students, in our Young Achievers Essentials Course aged for students aged 15 – 18. For older students and graduates aged 18 – 22, Our Professional Finishing School Programme teaches students how to hone their interview and presentation skills. Read on to discover the three confidence hacks:

1.Practice and Routine

When a student enters a room at a formal or informal engagement, it’s no different to Harry Kane walking up to the penalty spot. With practice and some confidence hacks, your son or daughter will create their own routine which will act to focus their thoughts and and calm their nerves.

2. Rethinking Negativity

We all have a fear of failure and an inner voice that can help derail our positive thinking. One area the England team’s psychologist focused on was was to look at each match or penalty shoot-out as an opportunity, not as a test. This course will help train your child to reassess each public situation and learn to enjoy them. 

 3.Create Mental Cues

When you feel under pressure, it helps to have a few key words that bring you back to centre. The England players were coached to keep several words or phrases in their minds for any tricky moments during the opposition’s advances.


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