14 Feb 2019

Dating in the Digital Age

Are you confused by dating in the digital age? There was a time when dating simply involved submitting a personal ad to your local newspaper and knowing which three and four-letter acronyms to use. Or you'd just ask someone out for a drink.

One example of a personal ad may go something like: Scottish foodie, 42, with a GSOH WLTM an adventurous male for fine food and dining. LTR intended. 

But with the advent of the smart phone, the apps for dating in the digital age have now created an endless supply of Johns and Janes at your fingertips. Although, more choice does give way to the potential for more rejection. Below are just some of the new terms used in 2019 for online dating encounters. All definitions courtesy of urbandictionary.com.

  1. Submarining: when you stop seeing someone and cut off all communication and then reappear after some time and act like nothing happened.
  2. Ghosting: when a person cuts off all communication with their friends or the person they're dating with zero warning or notice beforehand.
  3. Orbiting: is when the person who 'ghosted' you, still hangs around by watching every single one of your Insta stories & liking your social media posts.
  4. Breadcrumbing: when the 'crush' has no intention of taking things further, but continues to flirt by sending texts just to keep the person interested.
  5. Stashing: when you're in a relationship with somebody & you refuse to introduce them to your friends & family; mostly because you view the person as temporary/replaceable.

Yikes! And we thought trying to remember all those four-letter acronyms was hard... For more advice to help navigate your way through the digital maze, buy our A-Z of Modern Manners here.


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