16 Mar 2017

What’s the point of appraisals?

In our latest advice column for City AM, Debrett’s Academy director Rupert Wesson advises a reader on how to make the most of the performance review process

Q: I lead a team of account managers and we are heading towards the annual performance review. I really struggle with this process – it seems to be just a paperwork exercise. The reports take an age to complete but make little difference so far as I can tell. How can I make the process more useful for all concerned?

Most people hate giving performance reviews because they are uncomfortable actually having to provide feedback, be it positive or negative, let alone committing it to paper. The fact that you struggle with the process suggests this may be the case for you.

Many reporting processes are of course lengthy, and their complexity can mask the simplicity of the requirement. Whatever the system in your organisation, if you don’t have the influence to change it, you owe it to your team to work with it as best you can.


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